About Us

Hello. We are Jason and Gosia, a husband and wife team of documentary wedding photographers. We are based in Rugby, Warwickshire but shoot all over the UK.

We cover every wedding together as two photographers will always be able to tell more of your wedding day story than just one.

We’ve both been interested in photography since our teenage years. It’s this interest that brought us together when we both met and spent the summer of 2004 photographing the Baltic as part of a photography package holiday.  Our love story blossomed and in 2006 we were married. Since then we’ve been really keen on documenting our lives together, even more so after the birth of our three beautiful boys.

Photography is now part of who we are and it’s our passion. This isn’t just a business to us, it is our life. We strive to express emotion, sentiment and humour in the work we produce. Having worked and lived together for over 10 years, our approach is effortlessly relaxed and easy going.  We believe that on your wedding day this helps you to just concentrate on the things that really matter; life, love, family and friends.

When we are not photographing weddings, couples and families, we enjoy working on a range of personal projects shooting landscape, architecture and candid street photography.

Outside of photography we get our kicks from attending live music events, art exhibitions and travelling to see new places. If squeezed for time, we don’t mind just sitting on a couch reading a good book.

So, that’s us – We would love to hear about you so get in touch and we can have a chat about your special day.