Hey There! Thanks for visiting our page and checking out our work. We love people and especially capturing emotion packed wedding days filled with all the important people in your lives.

Our approach is very straight forward and based on the acknowledgement that your wedding story is unique to you. We respect that each one deserves to be captured in a natural and honest way that reflects you and your personality.

Working in a documentary style, we strive to capture the story of your wedding day as it unfolds, so there will be no interference, no posing, no scripting and no bossing around or repetition of the same set list of pictures – This is the key to letting your personality shine through!



When looking for your wedding photographer, it is important to choose one that you feel works in a style that fits with what you would like. For example, if you would like plenty of formal group pictures and posed portraits, our documentary style may not be the best fit, and a photographer offering a more traditional style may be more suitable.

To help give real insight into the way we work, we’ve put together a list of our “top practices” that we believe defines our style and approach

Real memories and raw emotions. We make a conscious decision to not treat your wedding day like a formal photo shoot filled with posing. This ensures that we don’t upset the rhythm of your day and sets us up to truthfully capture all the emotive moments.

Creative compositions and angles. This is so important and throughout your day we will invest a lot of energy into seeking out different and less-ordinary points of view. Part of our approach here also involves shooting up close and personal – This helps to immerse the viewer into the scene and create that intimate feeling.

No bossing around. You are unique and brilliant, and we want to capture all of this without interference – This means no bossing about or stuffy poses 🙂

It’s great to work with like-minded couples. It’s a hard to explain this one, but if people naturally get on, the results are always much more dynamic.

Maximise use of natural light. Urrgh… flash is a sure fire way to kill the mood and that’s why we use this as sparingly as possible – Usually only during the first dance and party time.

Black and white. Don’t even get us started on this! We can’t get enough of it and absolutely adore monochrome. It just speaks for itself – Timeless & Classic. Fact



Pump-Up the colour. We love our colours to be Warm, Vibrant and Saturated.

Image processing. We like to keep things real and true to life so we don’t apply airbrushing or give anyone a nose job in Photoshop.

We always encourage pre-wedding consultations. Even if distance keeps us apart and it’s just a quick catch-up over the phone, it’s good to chat and discuss your expectations before booking. On your big day, it also helps you to feel more relaxed in our company straight from the get-go.

Just the Two of us. All our packages includes both of us as standard so we can cover bride and groom preparations simultaneously if this is something you would like. It also means that you get an extra-strong dose of our creative approach thrown in for nothing.

Interactions are everthing. Our approach places a strong focus on photographing your family, guests, friends and everything that is going on around you – including all those fleeting moments and human interactions that you don’t get to see on your wedding day.

Camera shy or dislike Posing? Great news, our approach will help to put you at ease.

Relax and be yourself. The pictures where you aren’t posing are always the nicest, right? This way people just look better and more themselves so all you need to do is carry on with your wedding day and ignore us as much as possible while we pop up in all sorts of random places.



Best of Both worlds. If you would like some group formals, that is absolutely fine, but we try to keep this to a minimum so that it doesn’t take us away from telling your wedding day story – which is what we do best.

Our Philosophy. We pride ourselves on being friendly, professional, honest and trustworthy in everything we do. When you book us, you can do so with complete confidence and the knowledge that you have our undivided attention and focus.

So this is us and our approach. Natural documentary wedding photography with no direction or posing – just awesome images!